CBD Benefits

How do Purelaxan tablets work?

Purelaxan (tm) are easy-to-swallow 99%+ pharmaceutical grade (CBD) cannabidiol supplement tablets. With dosage in 10mg, 25mg, and 40mg. These tablets contain only 99%+ pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate.

Purelaxan (tm) with a proprietary blend of fat soluble and water soluble 99%= pure pharmaceutical grade CBD, is designed for maximum bio-availability, suiting your everyday needs when on the go. 

Purelaxan (tm) when taken, the water soluble CBD is introduced into your system right away as it dissolves in your stomach. As the tablet travels through your digestive system, it reaches your lower intestine, where the fat soluble CBD isolate starts to be digested and metabolized. Designed for maximum bio-availability, Purlaxan (tm) guarantees you get the most out of every CBD tablet. 

Purlaxan makes taking CBD easy, healthy, and convenient.